Having an Audit Report Has Fantastic Results

audit report

I recently did one of my Audit report for a client and followed up with the Implementation call. The client finished off the last few bits of implementation and then I received this recommendation

When it comes to LinkedIn profiles, Tony is the man. He did an audit of my profile, complete with an 11-page report with tips, guidance and some very useful recommendations. This was followed up by a 1-hour call where we went through everything and he answered my questions. Within 72 hours of implementing the recommended changes, my search appearance results more than doubled and I received an inbound lead. Great recommendations and great service. 5 stars

I am really happy to receive this as I really like good news and helping people and this ticks both boxes. I now having a raving fan to add to my growing unpaid sales force that goes out and spreads the word of their experience with my services.

So my message is this:-

  • Go the extra mile
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Don’t delay vital decisions

Because if I had not gone the extra mile to turn this audit around quickly and then asked for a recommendation, along with the clients drive to implement the Audit the outcome may not have been so terrific for them
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So take action don’t delay or you could miss out on an opportunity

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