Is it worth having an all-star Profile?

LI profile

Are you one of the 25 million people in the UK who have a LinkedIn account? Are you then like one of the 80% plus people I meet that are not using it to their own advantage? The likelihood from these stats is that the answer is yes.

If you were honest and answered yes, then this article is for you. In fact, go back 11 years and I was a “yes” as well, so I know exactly how you feel. For me I made it a priority to go and get trained and find a mentor who is an expert on LinkedIn. I found just the man and to this day we are still in contact.

The trouble is that for most people they don’t get any training on how to use LinkedIn, they just get told they need to be on it. There are many good trainers around who deliver talks on the subject, but this relies on the attendee taking it all on board and implementing it. If like me the attendee would take notes or handouts back to their office and then get diverted by emails and calls and before long the take away is filed away!!

But why do I think it is important to have a good active profile? Wont people just organically find your profile? Well actually no, not unless you are indexed high enough by LinkedIn. Getting highly indexed will get your name on search results and therefore in front of people. This is obviously the desired outcome but is not the end of the story!!

When they land on your profile they will on average stay less than 8 seconds, so you need to grab their attention, or they are off to the next person on their search list.

So, to be found from a search and then get people to stay on your profile is a good thing, isn’t it? Well yes, it is, and to think that anyone in the world can find your profile at any time is quite powerful if they stay on it long enough.

Therefore, can you see the value in being on that first page of the search and then have a strong profile, so they have a look around and there will then be a far higher chance of them engaging?

If I was able to work with you to make this more likely would you be interested in a call to discuss this?

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