Take Action and See the Benefits

take action

Whilst I have been doing my workshops for St Albans Enterprise, Bucks Business First and for my own company Solid Silver Solutions over the last few months there is one thread throughout. That is that it is not good enough just to know what to do you need to take action to see the benefits.

My workshops take the attendees on a journey through a LinkedIn profile and I explain what works and what does not. I would say that nearly all of the tips I suggest require action to be taken to achieve results.

This reminds me of the good old faithful saying that “If you all ways do what you have done then you will get what you always get” So doing the same things or doing nothing will not produce different/better results

When I deliver my acquired knowledge to help people get their profiles working they do have to do something and usually quickly.

I was recently doing a 15-minute presentation at a networking event and I like to make it interactive even at this short length. What I do is ask people to be brave enough to look at their LinkedIn profiles and see what their Dashboard says, especially their Search number. After a few of the normal answers I expect which ranged From 12 to 108, a lady who had attended my workshop recently shouted out “B hell its doubled. I could not have had a better reaction if I had her as a plant, and on the back of that 2 people signed up for my next workshop.

So there we have a living example of getting better results by taking action

So I challenge you to apply some learned knowledge and see the results, and if you want to get the same results as the lady then you know what to do….#TAKE ACTION….I look forward to hearing from you!!

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