Homeworking, let’s make it work


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Having had my own business now for nearly 2 years, home office working has become a commonplace occurrence as I am sure it is with many of my network.

It works really well but it is definitely a mindset thing, and some will struggle more than others. Being disciplined is the answer and being strict with yourself, as it is to easy to be distracted.

I always dress as if I was visiting a client as this puts me in business mode, and it really does work. I also make it clear that when I am in the “office” then it is “do not disturb time”. This is, of course, easy when you have an actual home office, but when you are at the dining table or in a bedroom, you still need that Workspace mindset.

Now it can be lonely but it can also consume you so be aware of time and schedule breaks. Do not work through lunch or work late when family time is affected. You want your family to support you so you need to give them time as well.

Always write up a to-do list last thing and switch off, only engaging with it the following day. Prioritise your list to your requirements, not others or you will be continually being driven by your clients and lose control.

Don’t forget to work on your business as well as in it as if you don’t work could well dry up. There are things that you can do from your office that will help promote and engage.

In these difficult times when more and more events are being canceled or postponed, the chances to network are disappearing, so we must look to go online. The one big issue here is that everyone else is doing the same so it is getting very noisy. Now is the time to be inventive and use technology to your advantage.

Now you can’t beat meeting face to face but as this is currently very difficult then let’s use the next best thing, video. I personally use Zoom which I find way better than Skype and there is a free version which is great for 1-2-1 calls. An affordable update takes away the restrictions and you can talk to more people at the same time. I have just recorded a 30-minute webinar workshop which I can use to train whilst I am not able to attend clients’ sites.

Next is pick up the phone and call people, this may be old fashioned but works. Then there is social media DM which is better than email but not much, although I use LinkedIn to send both audio and video messages.

In fact recording, short video messages is a good way of posting and I use Vidyard free software.

If you inevitably find yourself with some time then sharpen the sword, do some form of learning or read, or do those tasks that Never get to the top of the to-do list.

Let us help each other in these trying times, it will grow and strengthen relationships and help those that are struggling to survive

So take this as an opportunity not as a problem, engage and thrive, and if not too sure who to contact then I am always happy to chat.

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