Follow up and responses… why do these not naturally occur?

follow up responses

I am forever being surprised by some peoples lack of ability to follow up or respond! I make it part of my pledge to people that they will hear from me in 24 hours, usually with what I had promised them, but even if I could not sort out in 24 hours, I would let them know this.

It is good manners above all else, but in this time-poor world in which we exist, people need to plan and if what you are doing for them effects their plans then you really do need to deliver.

Just think of it the other way round and it is you waiting on someone to get back with information that you need to move forward..frustrating isn’t it?

But do we rely on others too much, do we let them know how important it is to get an answer? If we don’t set parameters, why are we then surprised when people “seem” to let us down.

One area from my recent experience is that I do some proposals, usually based on discussions at a meeting with a prospect. I turn these around quickly and then wait. The trouble is, is that I set no parameters!

A good friend and great speaker Anthony Stears told me the solution at a presentation he delivered last week at an expo. It is clever in its simplicity but gives both sides structure. He tells us that when we are having that discussion leading to a proposal from you, that at the end you agree to deliver the proposal by a set time and date if you both agree to a call to discuss the proposal and get that slot in your diary. That way you know when you will be getting to learn how it was received and they know they need to give feedback on that call.

I am happy to receive a NO at this stage if it comes with a reason why they don’t want to engage. A NO gives me closure, but the reasons also will help me to structure my proposals in future.

Having not done this I have a number of Proposals with prospects and I am getting very little engagement, which is squarely down to me. So from now on I will ask for that follow-up call and get both sides to commit to it in their calendar

So You must not Assume that people will do things and take control then you have a better chance of not being frustrated….and yes No is a decision

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