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This is an article for those digital agencies out there, and it is to let you know that why LinkedIn is still social it is no longer classed just as social media, and in fact, at long last, it is seen as a standalone business tool.

This happened last year and as a result of this I have been approached and engaged with some companies involved in Social media because they are not able to deep dive when clients require their profiles to become current and relevant

Totally understandable in my book as I have been using LinkedIn and teaching people about it for over 12 years, in fact, it became my full-time occupation last year. The reason I set up my company was that I networked extensively and there was a very obvious need for someone to help move them from being on to actually using.

During this period and after I set up, I came across quite a few companies that offered Social media help but were only able to give an overview on LinkedIn. This was causing them issues as their clients had become aware of the importance of LinkedIn as a business tool and were asking the Social media company to help.

This has led to engagement between me and these agencies for me to work with them when required in different ways. The aim of which was to satisfy their customer needs, therefore, making it a 3-way win.

I am able to work with the companies to produce reports on LinkedIn profiles that cover where they are at and shows them where they need to be and how to get there. There is often an additional win for the agencies as continuity of content is a big player once the profile is sorted out.

I am going to restrict the number that I work with and I have also got content writers in my network who can help.

Are you an agency or indeed a company that has an Agency working for them? If so, it might be a good time to look at the impact a decent profile makes.

Decent profiles get double-digit increases in engagement, so are you missing out? With 26 million registered LinkedIn accounts in the UK, how much increased work may lie out there?

So if you are an agency or a company my call to action would be to look at this with some urgency as you could be missing out. Then engage with your clients to see their requirements on LinkedIn and if appropriate contact me. It could be a nice win Win all round !!!

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