Beyond the Profile

beyond the profile

Being The LinkedIn Profiler, people ask me what I do, and it is a valid question as my company name (Solid Silver Solutions) does not tell you and what is profiling? Some people may think that it is like the people that profile in crime investigation!! Well no not really but I do see a lot of profiles that are criminal!

In fact, what I do is look carefully at a persons LinkedIn Profile and see how it stacks up against ones that work. When I say work, it involves 9 key areas and the results are measured by search results. I use search results because I feel are the most relevant as they represent how many times you came up in searches in a very recent 7-day period. In fact, you can see a breakdown of the companies, the person job title and what search criteria they used, all good information to tweak your message.

So, going “beyond the profile” is what I add to getting the profile to be effective. The reason for this is that having a good profile that has been enhanced will get you far more engagement from those that find you, I look at how they find you.

Although my Audit gets up to 500% increase in engagement and often my clients get offered new opportunities within a week or so of the finished implementation, what happens beyond that?

To be found in a search can happen in various ways, the person met you and wanted to know more, the person was referred to you or the important one, you get found in searches on the Platform. This search number is very important, but just how do you get found in searches, well, we must go “Beyond the Profile.”

What I mean is that to get found more often than having a good engaging profile you need to be found regularly so people will see your brilliant profile. The secret is very basic, and some may say “is that it?”

It is Activity, you must be active to get indexing from the platform so that you rise in the search results. I sometimes, if very busy working on my client’s profiles do not do enough activity and see my search numbers fall (still most of my clients would love to have this number of searches)

The activities can be split into 3 as below

  • You must do at least 1 post a week, but also engage with others
  • Articles (such as this) is a once a month minimum task
  • Engage with groups, add to discussions or better still start some.

Think of it as a sport, let’s say Golf. If you have periods in-between playing that is a lot longer than normal the usual outcome is a worse score. Gary Player put it well when he said, “the more I practise the luckier I seem to get” Same on LinkedIn the more activity you do the better results you get.
So, go “Beyond the Profile” and get active today

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