A new decade is almost upon us and with it, new opportunities, are you ready?

new year

I had not thought about this until a lovely lady associate of mine pointed it out that we have about 2 months trading left before 2020!!

We are planning a joint event and the theme will be around new decade new you. The event will combine her photography skills and my LinkedIn profile prowess, and we already have interest despite not broadcasting as the date needs to be confirmed!!

This made me think that a lot of people would also be interested in changing things for the new decade. With this in mind, I will be promoting my Audit & Implementation service to get people ready to take on the new decade with a far more engaging LinkedIn profile.

I myself with freshen mine up as well as launch a new website and try new marketing channels that I had only dabbled with previously. This will mean engaging with specialists in their field so that I get good advice and help.

When I launched my business, I had my accountant, marketeer, web person and two mentors to help me so I have always embraced using specialists within my plans. It allows me to do what I enjoy and that what I am good at and leave my associates to cover their areas.

Now I have 2020 in my consciousness then I feel some changes are needed, so I will be changing my marketing help as I ramp that up and need more capacity from my associate because what was OK when I started out is no longer going to cut it.

I am aligning myself with experts in their field to do joint ventures and looking to use new products to help me expand my services.

So why not join in and get your LinkedIn profile to

  • Build relationships
  • Create targeted qualified leads
  • Generate Income

The industry statistics and also my findings have come up with the alarming figure of over 90% of LinkedIn accounts are not being run efficiently. An investment in your profile will undoubtedly show an ROI in a short time and continue to do so if you keep up the required activity.

The big issue for many is that they don’t/can’t keep up the activity, so they slip back into the field from being a frontrunner. I am going to release a service in 2020 that will enable you to work with me to get those activity levels up and beyond and get that engagement to new heights.

My call to actions are quite simply

Engage with me to get your profile working for you

Enquire about my new “done for you” service coming in the new decade.
So, Call me, Message me or Email me and let’s make the next decade rock

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