What new things are you trying?

We are now nearly 2 months into lockdown and at last, we can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel which is a new normality.

 So that is 8 weeks of potentially working in a new way, and how has that been going for you? Will you be continuing to do these new things in the future or will you revert back to your old ways?

 I would suggest you strongly look at these new things you do and see, actually if they are in fact equal to or better than the old ways.

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For me, Zoom was nothing new but I am using it a lot more now than I did and will be doing so in the future. It is efficient and saves both time and money, what could be better. The reason I will be using it more is that people are now used to this method of communicating and are now engaged, whereas before lockdown people did not want to use it, “It’s too technical for me”, I never look good on camera” etc.

 Also, the virtual events are quite good, but will not replace “live” events for me but I will happily do more on video. Then there is the upsurge in podcasts, webinars etc and people are happily engaging in them if not as a host, certainly, as a guest, I know I am.

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So do you need to visit that client/site, can it be done virtually? Can that pitch/presentation be done remotely? Do you need the services of a VA to help you do those tasks you should not be doing?

 Is your product range and services been expanded during lockdown to introduce affordable options alongside the normal ones? This is understandable because of the confusion and anxiety that has been caused but could be a great entry for new clients in the future.

 I have also chosen the “sharpen the blade” by learning new skills and for me one which will become a revenue stream. I am training to be a voice-over artist, which again can be done remotely.

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 I would love to hear how you will adopt new products and services, so please do message me.


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