LinkedIn Profile Analysis

My LIPA is two 1-2-1 sessions helping clients achieve their desired outcomes and is  based on my experience of using LinkedIn for over 15 years.

This happens after an initial discovery meeting with the client.

It analyses where the client is currently and where they would like to get to. It shows them the areas they need to work on and how to go about getting to their desired outcome which is usually

  • Building a network
  • Creating leads
  • Generating a revenue stream
  • Changing Jobs
linkedin profile
LinkedIn profile audit booklets

LinkedIn Profile Analysis

The main parts of the service are a 60-minute profile implementation session followed by a 30-minute activity session. In these sessions, I will take the client through what is needed to be done. I will tell them what they need to “consider” doing and it is videoed as a resource for them to keep and use. I will then become their accountability buddy and support them to ensure they implement the changes and to get their ROI.

POWER SESSIONS (from £133 for 30 minutes)

I also offer power sessions that people can take at any stage. These are ideal for getting the latest from an expert as LinkedIn moves so fast and you won’t want to be left behind!!




These sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes and the frequency is down to the client. My recommendation, and the one most opted for is a 1 hour meeting every 3 months

The investment required for this service starts at
£700 but it can be bespoked to suit clients needs and budgets
I also work on a 1-2-2 and 1-2-3 basis on a POA basis

There is also a LinkedIn Enhancer version where you pay £50 sign on fee then 12 x £110 payments and you get the full LIPA service and 12 x 40 min monthly strategy meetings

Option 1 is a 30 minute call for the next 11 months from second implementation session
Option 2 is 5 x 1 hour calls over the remaining part of the year from completion of the second session

Or I can offer One session ``Get it all done`` service where we will do all the changes in the live session from £1000

We can create Banners, Script Headlines, Add sections, ask for recommendations, join Groups and all other actions required to get you set to go from the end of the 2 1/2 hour session (Except Headshot)

The VIP option at £2250 gives you:-

A Profile Audit report, 2 sessions with recordings, monthly hour long meetings after the completion of the second session, free entry into closed client LinkedIn group, free entry to the 1960 club at the top level and a copy of my latest LinkedIn book for £2250
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Tony is also a public speaker and can often be found at Expo’s on stage, doing a seminar, running a workshop or on a stand.

If you want an expert speaker then lets talk

Did you know that we offer a guarantee?

If you have an implementation and do the monthly activity then I guarantee you will see a marked increase in engagement.