LinkedIn Profile Analysis

My LIPA is a 1-2-1 session with a client  based on my experience of using LinkedIn for over 15 years.

It is sone after an initial discovery meeting with the client.

The session is for a client who is currently on the platform but not got to where they would like to get to. The sessions show them the areas they need to work on and how to go about getting to their desired outcome which is usually

  • Getting a new Job
  • Setting up a new Business
  • Buying a Franchise
linkedin profile
LinkedIn profile audit booklets

LinkedIn Profile Analysis

The LIPA is a 13 page report that looks at 12 key areas of a persons profile and measures it against current trends and the Algorithm.

There is an optional Report that can be done, but most people did not use it so it is now an extra

The main parts of the service are 2 videoed zoom sessions where I will go into edit mode on LinkedIn and show the client how they can achieve their desired outcomes. Session 1 is around platform and profile where the second session is all about the activities that get you noticed and obtain great reach.

This is followed by support to help the client implement and get ROI.


After the 2 sessions and support you will be up to date and have the tools to be successful on the platform, but there are many updates on LinkedIn and therefore there are options to get the latest information on LinkedIn. I suggest every 3 months is a good idea, but happy to discuss with each client on their needs.

The Investment required for all this is currently
from £700 but bespoke versions can be done at other price points

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Tony is also a public speaker and can often be found at Expo’s on stage, doing a seminar, running a workshop or on a stand.

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Did you know that we offer a guarantee?

If you have an implementation and do the monthly activity then I guarantee you will see a marked increase in engagement.