A new way of doing business!!

Well we are in interesting times and I for one am being very positive and seeing this as an opportunity, but it is a lot harder for many others and I fully understand this and want to help.

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I would suggest that we take this quieter period to get ready for when the switch gets turned back to on. I am aiming to be totally ready so I am working on website, marketing, CRM and of course LinkedIn. I am investing time and some money to ensure I don’t have to start from the back foot.

 The clients are currently falling into 3 categories, two I am happy with and one I am not!! The one I am not is those poor people that find themselves looking for work through no fault of their own, so it saddens me that they are in that position. The other 2 are those that want to get their LinkedIn in sorted so they can be on it straight away and have the funds to do so and the other is those that know they need the help but either has not got the funds or are worried and not wanting to spend.

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I feel although it is a horrible time for many it also holds great opportunities for others, those who have the drive and a positive attitude will seek out those hidden opportunities and make them work for them. Most of us have some extra time so let’s use some of it for planning for after lockdown, let us spend this time looking at our product offerings and see where they fit in with this new future.

 I honestly believe that a lot more work will be done and delivered online and that “Zooming” and the like will be used far more. Are you ready, have you embraced this new era or will you get left behind?

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Do you do physical delivery that can be done online? I am sure many of you will be doing this online, so why stop? It is efficient and it will potentially save you time and money, and we will all need that initially as we step out into this new world.

 If you are thinking along the same lines as me then we need to support it by updating our websites and marketing to reflect this. I suggest that like me you should be working on this now so that you are totally ready from day 1 and not playing catch up.

So as I always say “Take Action” and be prepared for this new era, I know I will be

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